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Drop Dead Gorgeous

Sorry for the wait, I've been visiting family. Back now with renewed enthusiasm!

Monday, 4 August 2014

Women Have More Fun

My first attempt at a dual photo caption on this blog, so the flow isn't quite right yet. Please bear with me, i don't really know what I'm doing! Tell me what you think of the dual photo format in the comments!

Friday, 1 August 2014

I want your art!

Now that I've settled into this blog and have started uploading regular captions, I've been noticing that it really looks rather boring. Therefore i want YOU to submit some of your own TG caption art, or even design something awesome just for this blog!

Special note! for the 3 best, i will make a 3 part tg caption series featuring whatever you want, so be sure to include that when you submit your work. Of course, i will still make a single tg captions of you if you email me what you want it to be about, at the same address.

Please submit your art to and i will try and incorporate all the entries in one way or another. They will form the background of this blog, along with the logo and banner of my youtube channel:

Get creative, have fun, good luck

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


Prior to this, all the captions on this blog have been old and taken from my YouTube Channel. This Caption is the first of the New ones, made to be put on this blog first. The captions will still be put on the YouTube Channel as well, when time allows.

Big Sister's Bod

His Hot MILF Mother

Crashing The Party

Screwed Up

Making Sacrifices

Animal Lover

The Where-Woman

Giving Back

I Have Succeeded


Friendly Assets


Carly's Captions Most Viewed!