Thursday 22 December 2016

"Editing" His Girlfriend (GIF) (Explicit)

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Carla Xxx


  1. Love the GIFs sooooo much!

  2. jay watched as his chest expanded breast slowly poppping out and form where he had been very flat just moments before it was not happening very fast but it was happening he was going to be a real girl now he saw them beginning to form starting very small but than graually getting bigger and bigger until he had just about preect c cup breast and than his hair grew and grew becoming longer and longer but still staying blonde and soon his hair was very feminine flowing down all around his face and back he had to reach up ith his new delicate feminie hands and brush it back behuind her eras oh my that was very definetly female the way i just did that and than she got this other strange new urge to reach down bewteen her kegs and feel the now smooth empitness between her legs oh oh oh my yes yes yes i've i've got a pussy now and it's oh so verty wet i just can't help myself i want to touch myself down their and play with my new vagina oh oh oh yes yes yes i'm i'm such a naughty little girly!

  3. Hey Jenny call me .. 867-5309


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