Thursday 22 June 2017

TG Caption: Old Friends, New Feelings

We've had some weird and crazy captions recently, so I thought I'd calm it down a bit today :)
Carla Xxx


  1. jay knew that this was it it was now or never she was now wearing a dress slip panties and a bra for her new breast she had a vagina pussy now down between her legs where her penis used to be her hair was still blonde but was now very much softer longer and flowing like a womans hair should she knew she just had to go right outside now and face the fact's that she was now female so she stood at her front door and only hesitated a moment longer and than it was done she was through the door and putside walking down her street as a woman and to her now utter amazment nothing at all out of the ordinary happened at all oh oh oh yes yes yes it's just like i have always wanted it to be and noone even really notices that i'm female now oh my this is just wonderful now i can just get on with my life as a woman!


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