Monday 11 December 2017

GIF TG Caption: "Bigger And Bouncier..."

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Carla Xxx

(30 Days Of Captions: Day 10)
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  1. That bounce tho... I've been watching it on repeat for hours... I can't look away...

  2. jay could scarly stand it any longer he had felt the changes begining and than he just had to get away from the crowd and see what had transpied wel he finally managed to do so and than he pulled up his sweater revealing two plump breast underneath and than he also realized that he was now feeling a very strange sensation down bewteen her legs a cool breeze was blowing up her newly accqured skirt she had on panties now and her penis was gone she now had a vagina pussy down bewteen her leg's oh my yes yes yes i'm i'm a real girl now at long last this is just really wonderful!

  3. That's a wicked bit of revenge.


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