Saturday 31 March 2018

TraitSwap Tg Caption: "What Do You Think?"

Since writing this I've been staring at other girls asses all day, dreaming of stealing them for myself...
What trait would you steal?
Carla Xxx


  1. I think this is a creative way to handle such transformations/swaps. I really like it.

  2. Very enjoyable, keep it coming.

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  4. jay is that you in their your your a girl now yes yes yes i sure am how does this dress look on me it look's wonderful please tell me how it feel's being female it's it's very differnt but very wonsderful my new emtions are finally kicking into place i feel very differnt now i've i've got breast now and a pussy and my insides are on fire now my mind is changing as well filling up with all new girly thoughts i tink i want to be fucked like a girl i want to just lie back and spread my legs wide open and let you inisde of me!


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