Thursday 25 October 2018

TG Caption: "I've Got A Better Idea..."

If anyone knows who the model is, please let me know!
Carla Xxx


  1. That's what I get when I go to a dark web site looking for a spell to change my lazy womanizing roommate. Who would rather skip work and party. I cast the spell I get a girlfriend and lover who wants nothing more to please me and be a stay at home girlfriend, maybe wife and not to far in the future a stay at home mom. What ever I paid I made a great deal. all I really wanted was a roommate that would do their fare share of the work and stop spending all their money and making me pay all the rent on the big Apartment.

  2. She wants to have sex and keep house for you stop whinging

  3. What a lucky guy!!!!!

  4. Uhm... She's not exactly a model:


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