Saturday 28 March 2020

Explicit TG Caption: "I Wasn't Expecting This..."

After writing this I realised it was kinda similar to another recent caption, buuuuut I still like it, so hopefully you do to!
Carla Xxx


  1. LOVE IT !!! But she would've only needed to ASK, and I would've GLADLY swapped places with her...... even knowing it would be permanent. *dreaming*

  2. Its a great story! Love the twist of it!

  3. While this wasn't they way she expected to get the family she wanted, it sure would make it easier on her, now him. With her new "Wife" in an easy position to be bedded, getting the children "He" now wanted would be easy. If only her "Wife" knew what finding the device would do to their marriage, "He" wonders if "She" would have brought it home.


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