Monday 14 February 2022

TG Caption: First Woman In Months...



  1. WOW! If only SRU where in a mall near me! Zoe

  2. As Luke moved his hand away from his rising pipe, Sean instinctively got on his... um, her, knees and began experimenting with her lips and tongue. Starting around Lukes perfectly mushroom shaped head, then up and down the length of his shaft. Next, she tried taking it right into her mouth. At first only a few inches went in before gagging her, but as she practised two things happened. Luke was losing his mind with pleasure, and his dick was gradually making its way deeper and deeper until Sean had all of Lukes 8 inches down his throat. Out, then in, out one more time then plunging in with Seans mouth at his hilt, pulsing waves of pleasure shot down Seans throat as Luke lost his mind.... awaiting part 3 :-)

  3. Looks like they BOTH got lucky and won! Zoe


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