Thursday 5 May 2022

TG Caption: The Wave Changed More Than Just Bodies...



  1. Dani was trying to decide how to go about enticing a man into her bed when her phone rang. The caller ID showed "Philip" and his number was in her contacts on her now pink cased iPhone. Different from her black carbon fiber Android case Danny had.

    "Hello?" She said.

    "Hi Dani, it's uh, Philip but you might remember me as Elizabeth or Beth." the very male voice said.

    "Beth, from the coffee shop, my favorite barista," Dani said recalling her as a shapely brunette that Danny had flirted with when getting his coffee on the way to work. He had never been serious, just a nice young woman who knew how to make Danny's morning cup just right.

    "Actually, I'm the manager there now. The guy who used to be the manager left last week for maternity leave. She was pretty shocked when she woke up pregnant and married to her former neighbor."

    "Oh my gosh, that's scary. I guess I got pretty lucky turning out the way I did." Dani said.

    "Yes, about that, have you looked at your photos on your phone? It's apparent that we have a relationship now also."

    Dani clicked over to her photo files and found herself in selfies with a tall, good-looking guy with a neatly trimmed beard and a great smile.

    "Is that guy with the beard you now?"

    "Yes and that's you in that blue dress with the low cut neckline and great legs."

    Dani flipped through more photos and found one with Philip and her kissing with a full moon in the background. Obviously, a posed shot at some vacation spot.

    "Dani, I am remembering our dates and the times we have enjoyed together. I want to let you take the time to recall the same things I am and then call me back. If you want to, I'd like to take you out to dinner, maybe tonight. If you need more time, I understand." Philip said.

    Dani was looking at more photos, some of them with her in skimpy bikinis on a beach. Others are in jeans or shorts and tank tops at parks. One with her and Philip, very well dressed, at what she could recall as a wedding of one of Philip's sisters (formerly a brother of course).

    "No, you don't need to call me back. What time and where are we going so I know what to wear."

    "7PM and wear the green floral dress with the slit up the leg."

    "I know which one you mean. The memories are coming faster now. I can't wait. see you at 7." Dani hung up the phone and headed for the shower. As she stripped down and saw her naked body in the mirror, she smiled and then squealed with joy. A sound Danny had never made but which felt so right to her right now.

    That night Philip granted Dani's wish to experience the real thing as they made love several times.

    Six months later, they were married. Danny had never thought about children but Dani was happily pregnant 6 weeks after her wedding day.

    1. What a great way to continue the story!

  2. I just wanted you to know I've been reading your captions for years and this one is my favorite.


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