Thursday 22 September 2022

Explicit TG Caption: "Why Is This Body So Cheap?"



  1. Looks to me that George got a great bargain with this body. Not only is she beautiful but she loves sex! My guess is that she will be walking bow legged for a while and a big smile on her face! Zoe

  2. Not sure I see the down side. lol

  3. Stephen, looking at what was probably a 16 or 17 year old girl instantly started stripping.
    It was only 15 minutes later that Stephen lost control, filling the condom he had on with a huge load of seed. George was glad he had to condom on when he felt the heat fill it up inside.
    George just didn't feel satisfied at all. His new body just craved even more. He didn't want to, but he figured he could just keep going until he was.
    Stephen had pulled out and was taking the condom off as George asked him to keep going. Stephen agreed and said he'd get some more dom's from the bathroom. Stephen, while in the bathroom got a new condom out. He rolled it onto his rock hard cock. Checking that George couldn't see around the door, he picked up the full condom off the counter and studied it. After a few moments he had a better idea. He rolled the new condom off, tipped about half the massive load of seed inside it out onto the new dom. Take the old one, he lined his cock up and pushed his head back inside it. The cum made it easy to slide himself back into it. It was slippery on, and he could see the pool of seed in the end still. He got the second condom that had the other half of his load waiting in it and rolled it back on as well. He squished it around a few times, pulled the head tight, spreading the cum back up the inside of them dom. Once done he took it off, seeing that the condom he had already used was now covered in his potent seed. He used his finger nail to slice a hole in the end, incase his plan for it to come off inside George didn't work, he wanted to make sure his load was going into the teenage girl either way.
    A minute later, George laying back on the bed, Stephen pushed his cum cover condomed cock back into the tight pussy. Stephen slide in easy and he could see the cum sliding along the condom as it pushed inside George's pussy. A few thrusts and Stephen knew the pool of cum in the head of the dom would now be deep inside the tiny pussy as well. It took a few minutes, and thankfully George didn't notice, but Stephen certainly did as he pulled his cock back and the condom didn't come out with it. With a quick push back in, Stephen confirmed his cock was now bare. He pulled back again, thing time he grabbed the small bit of dom he could see and as he pushed back in he pulled the now empty condom out.
    It was when Stephen exploded 25 minutes later that George knew he didn't have a condom on anymore, as he felt each load of Stephens seed slashing into his ripe cervix. The third load, Stephen's cock made direct contact with his cervix and blasted the entire load of seed directly into his new teenage womb.
    It was when all done, that George finally felt satisfied for the first time. He hadn't fully registered it yet, but that was because he had Stephens 2 full loads of seed fertilizing his waiting egg. George was going to find out that reason the body was cheap was because it craved being pregnant as much as possible.


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