Friday 31 December 2021

Thursday 30 December 2021

TG Caption: Altered Realities: Dani's World (Part 4/8)

Just a friendly reminder that if you want to see the completed series early, or some of the other exlusive series and captions (or just want to support what I do here!) then check out my patreon!

Wednesday 29 December 2021

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Monday 27 December 2021

TG Caption: Altered Realities: Dani's World (Part 1/8)

Just like we've done previously, it's time to give you guys a glimpse of what you could be getting on my Patreon! This is the beginning of an 8-part series about a reality change that forces a young man to see the world (and his relationship), through feminine eyes. Parts will be posted daily (so once again this will mean 8 days of captions in a row)!
I really hope you enjoy! Leave a comment to let me know what you think!

If you're enjoying this series and want more like it, or don't want to wait to read the rest, then it was actually posted on Patreon back in June!
In fact, there's now 8 fully completed long series over there (including a new one this week!), plus over 100 extra normal captions!
There's price levels to suit you budgets, and you can set up your profile to be completely annoymous. Come have a look!

Saturday 25 December 2021

Thursday 23 December 2021

Magic TG Caption: "It Finally Got Approved!"

Last caption before Christmas! What naughty things have you asked Santa for?
Carla Xxx


Monday 13 December 2021

TraitSwap TG Caption: "Looking For These?"

Who's traits would you steal? 
Personally, I'd love to nick my little sister's boobs, my best friend's hair and my gym trainer's ass...
Carla Xxx


Monday 6 December 2021

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