New To TG Caps?

The TG Caption community is full of weird and wonderful narritive devices and terms that we use to convey our little stories. I know for some people that probably makes it a little confusing for those who arn't as experienced in the genre as me!

Thought i'd give a brief explanation of some of the strange labels i use, so if your new to the community you know what I'm on about!
I think the rest are mostly self explainatory, but let me know if you think i missed any, or if the definitions could be improved!

Age progression/ regression: the subject gets older/younger

Body part: the subject has one specific body part altered OR the subject becomes a body part of another person

Body Porting: a futuristic service where instead of actually travelling the subject switches bodies with someone in the location they want to go to.

Bodyhopper: a person with the ability to possess anyone at will

Bodymorpher: often know as shapeshifters, these people can change their entire appearance at will

Bodysuit: a futuristic suit, when worn, that allows the subject to look like a completely different person

Caption Collab: I've collaborated with some other amazing captioners, check out their blogs too!

Celeb: caption involves a celebrity

Costume gun: a gun that turns whoever it hits into a bodysuit

Exchange Island: a holiday destination where you swap bodies with another random guest for the duration of your stay

Explicit: all those naughty captions where the image involves nudity, sex or genitalia. Oops :)

F2F: A woman is transformed, but remains a woman, or swaps bodies with another woman.

F2M: A woman is transformed into a man, or swaps bodies with one.

The Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event (FOSE): Thousands of people having an orgasm to a fantasy suddenly swap bodies with that person due to a strange cosmic radiation that passes through the Earth (the creation of TGswappingcaps) 

Gender Wave: a strange wave of energy sweeps the globe, swapping the gender of every single person, leaving them as if they'd been born the opposite gender

GIF/Animation: captions involving moving images! (It's pronounced GIF, not JIF)

Great Shift: a global event where 95% of the population randomly swaps bodies with another person near them

Master-PC: An incredibly powerful computer program with the ability to completely alter the appearance and mind of the subject.

M2F: A male to female transformation

Morphic Adaption Unit (MAU): a strange alien device that can completely alter the appearance and mind of the subject.

Mind Change: where the subjects mind is affected in some way

Inanimate: the subject becomes an inanimate object, normally clothing (e.g. a bra, some panties or a dress)

Reality Change: the universe shifts to reflect the subjects transformation, as if they had been born that way. Normally only the subject and the transformer remember the old reality

Remote: a futuristic remote with the power to alter the appearance and mind of anyone it is pointed at

Role Exchanger: A bright light that sweeps the globe swapping random physical or mental traits between people near each other.

Sci-fi: Any caption involving futuristic technology

Second Puberty: A genetic condition which causes the subject to go through a puberty a second time, only this time their gender is swapped in the process!

Spells R Us: A mysterious shop selling magical items

Shrinking/Growing: This caption involves one of the characters significantly changing size, either growing bigger and stronger or getting smaller and weaker. 

Swap Class: A controversial class where students swap bodies with a student of the opposite gender temporarily, so they can learn how the other half lives.

Taxi: a magic taxi, where after the ride the subject swaps bodies with the taxi driver, and has to drive the taxi until they find a passenger they wish to live as

TG Virus: An epidemic that causes the infected to switch gender. Some strains of this virus only affect men, others affect everyone.

Traitswap: A caption involing the transfer of certain body characteristics or traits to another character, often against their will.


  1. This could actually be really useful if it was fixed/updated :)

  2. And, what dose MAU stands for? I can't find it.

    1. I got it. Morphic Adaption Unit. It was right there :D


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