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 About me:
Hi I'm Carla Hansen. I'm a 23 year British girl, but I'm currently living all over the place. I'm bisexual, possibly what spurred me to write about switching between genders. I'm completely addicted to writing erotic fiction, and this is my favorite kind :) I'm also fascinated by magic and other impossible things, which is why most of my captions are magic based.
I started writing captions first on a Youtube Channel, but got frustrated by how long the editing took. It was the writing that i enjoyed doing. So, after a brief stint on OTGC, i switched to blogger.

I do this because i enjoy writing and because of all the great messages/comments i get whenever i post a good caption. So, if you want to help, leave a comment!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is your posting schedule?
A: I post:
  • Every Monday at 8pm GMT (3pm EST)
  • Every Wednesday at 8pm GMT <<<< On Patreon!
  • Every Thursday at 8pm GMT
  • Every Saturday at 8pm GMT

Q: How can i get in contact with you?
A: Sending me an email is the best idea, but you can also leave a comment! My email is:

Q: I want to read more of your captions! Where can I find some?
A: If you fancy an extra caption a week for just $3 per month then have a look at my patreon! There's already a growing library of captions there for you to read!

https://www.patreon.com/carlyscaptions to have a look or click the logo in the sidebar!

Q: I want to pledge on patreon but I'm concerned about privacy. Any tips?
A: Plenty of my patrons have really nondescipt names like "T" or "Bob". There's also an option to check in settings to hide your pledges on your profile if you don't want to tell the whole world how much you love my captions...

Furthermore, there is no way for anyone except me to obtain a list of the patrons (patrons can't see other patrons), and even I can't see more than your account name and email. 

Finally, Patreon pledges will appear on your bank statement or paypal as "Patreon Inc." or similar, so there's nothing embarrasing there either. 

Q: Are you doing requests?
A: I am not currently doing requests for personal reasons. Thankyou for your understanding. The only exception of this is my top tier Patrons (only $8.30) who get the chance to have a tailored caption as a nice thankyou ;)

Q:Are you currently featuring guest captions?
A: Kinda, it depends. I'm very picky with guest captions and don't like having loads. Therefore I tend to only have 1 or 2 every couple of months. (I'm also terrible at responding to emails sometimes so I just forget...

Q:I want to start writing captions/ I have a caption blog, can you help me?
A: Unfortunately, due to the volume of requsts I recieve, I can't provide individual feedback on this topic every time. However, I would recommend the following:
(I'll try and add more tips as I think of them)
  • Post consistently. (I've missed one post date in five years! Scheduling in advance is the way to go here)
  • Don't worry about views at first. Readers value having a catalog of captions to read through, so if you're blog only has 2 or 3, they'll read those and then leave, probably forgetting to come back. 
    • In this respect, I launched this blog with over 100 captions. (all previously posted on my now-extinct youtube channel)
    • I got barely any views in the first year. (Right now i get more views each day than I did in my first three months combined!)
  • Presentation is imporant. No one wants to squint to read your captions (typically over half of readers are on mobile). Try dividing your captions up into multiple tiles if your story is longer.
  • Develop a connection. Not only does relating to your readers make writing and posting more fun, it also increases the return rate! It's a win-win!

What other questions do you want answered?

All images used on this site are found using public domain. Any requests to remove posts/images on the basis of personal affiliation or intended private copyright will be complied with immediately. I apologize for any misunderstanding, I never intend to offend or infringe on any property rights.


  1. I was wondering if you have been getting my emails or egnoring me because I really need help so if you haven't pleas tell me.

    1. Apparently they do not check on the comments?

    2. Hi Suzanne, I definitely do check the comments! (Also I believe i resolved the issue with the above comment.)

      As always the best way to get hold of me is always email, although I travel a lot for work so it sometimes takes me a while to respond. :)

  2. Hey Carla I was wondering if you took any request? I have a few ideas I would like you to have. Hope to hear from you soon and take care

    1. Unfortunately, as it says in the passage above, I'm not currently doing requests mostly for personal reasons. There's more info in a post I wrote called "one sexy tush (and an update...)"
      Sorry to disapoint Xxx

    2. It's ok, out of curiosity can you make another one like this or a part 2. I love all your captions a lot, especially those one and I would love to see you make another one like it please. http://carlystgcaptions.blogspot.com/2016/02/a-milfs-revenge-explicit.html?m=1#comment-form

  3. Have you ever done a jack in the box tf caption?

  4. Hi carly, i know your blog says you aren't taking requests, though do you know when you may be open to them again? Or maybe we can come to a compromise i.e you write a caption with a picture I want and you just change the picture afterwards and publish it? Not sure, but any info is good info, thanks!

  5. Carly,
    Love your captions! You do great writing and finding beautiful pictures and I look forward everyday to reading/looking at them. Hope on day you will accept requests but in the meantime I'd love to see some panty and lingerie stories! Zoe

  6. is this a request? or just ideas to think?
    1)FOSE, but female body wich man fantasied about is wearing chastity belt and dont have control over it.
    2)man swaped/transformed into female(willingly or not?), and he have to have 100 orgasms to swap/transform back. on his way or from the start he get chastity belt and cant remove it.

  7. i love tg body swap captions i'm a boy who has reaslly always wanted to be a girl i love sissy caption tg captions lesbiand captions i would love to swap out with a girl any girls who want to be a boy i want to go inside your body and become a girl and you can have my boys body in exchange!

  8. I recently stumbled upon your blog, and these encouraging words and guidance, has helped me feel better about my captions journey. I truly enjoy the diverse story topics you write about, because it gives me more ideas and concepts to explore and write about. I'm also appreciative of the kind and supportive words you provided, because writing captions for a few months now, and not getting any traction, I considered quitting because I didn't seem to receive recognition. I'm taking your advice and will continue to produce caption stories.

  9. Hey there Carly! I’ve always loved your caps! They’re always so wonderfully done and creative. I’ve recently tried to get back into cap writing, starting up my bunchosmiles89 page, version 2! I hope you can check it out sometime soon! Keep the wonderful caps coming and know that BOS89 loves ya!!

  10. What would it take for us to get one Captions every day?


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