Thursday 15 April 2021

Explicit TG Caption: "It Just Works"



  1. Sounds like they are both where they belong.

  2. But she doesn't want to lose her original family so sounds like they are where they belong and that is with each other

  3. Sounds like a win-win but I agree with Ember that the two should just stay with each other! Zoe

  4. Cool mutual swap. I'd say he got a really hot body out of the deal.

  5. Things were going well for a few weeks. Josh (Lucy) was loving his new life. He loved all the girly clothes, his new friends, his doting parents, who since their daughter was being so much nicer and more the girly girl they always wanted were doting on him so much more. They were buying him new stuff, clothes, letting him get his hair and nails done every week. He'd had a couple of messages from Lucy (Josh) saying how much she loved her new life as well. She had taken control of her relationship and was now enjoying her girlfriend. She even sent a video of her girlfriend sleeping, showing Josh she was still with his now ex girlfriend.
    Josh decided to go visit and see his family. He used his small hands to knock on his old front door. His father answered.
    "Lucy, been a few weeks. Nice to see you. Come in, come in", said Robert. You stepped inside and he closed the door.
    "Now, Josh is out till later this afternoon. Actually, so the wife and Katie. They went shopping as Katie needed new uniforms for high School. Can't believe she starts next week. Even Josh says he can't believe she's growing up so fast. You want a drink?".
    "Sure, i was going see if i could hang with Josh today, but appears i left it too late", as Robert passes you a cold drink.
    "I think you're all growing up way too fast. How old are you know? 16 right? I mean you're just gorgeous if i might say so".
    Josh blushed at the comment. His father did well to remember Lucy's age. Not that he knew it, but Robert had been watching Lucy since she was 13. He always thought she was cute. Josh hadn't realized that when his father sat down on the lounge, he sat right next to him.
    "Thanks sir, i appreciate that. I feel like i put a lot of effort into looking great".
    "Oh you do. I mean, if you want, you can stay and hang with me till Josh gets home. I'm sure we could have some fun".
    Josh was shocked, but before he even had time to think, his father reached over and gently started massaging his left breast. His second hand sliding up his thigh and under his summer dress.
    "Oh dad, i mean Josh's dad, sir....I don't think we should be doing this".
    "Dad hey, i like that", said Robert.
    Robert lent over and kissed the teenage girl, not knowing it was his son inside her. He took control and slowly lay the young girl back down on the lounge. Josh was trying to work out what to do or say. Robert slowly moved over the young girl. He had wanted to fuck Lucy for so long, now was his chance. No one home and plenty of time to enjoy her.
    Robert lifted the summer dress up in front to reveal the cute lacey pink panties Josh had decided to wear that day. Josh had learnt to keep himself well groomed and it showed, even through his panties. Robert reached under the dress and grabbed both sides of the pants and slowly pulled them down, sliding them down Lucy's legs and off.
    "Sir, i think we should stop. You don't have protection on. I'm not safe. What would Josh say".
    "Oh wow, Lucy, so cute, so sexy. Clean shaven for me too. Josh doesn't need to know. I'll pull out, i swear. I won't even get close promise", lied Robert.

  6. Before Josh even responded his father had his shorts off and cock lined up with his teenage pussy. Josh felt it as his father pushed the first few inches inside him. Josh knew this was bad, he had always suspected his father was looking at Lucy a bit too much.
    For josh, time almost stood still, but for Robert, he was in heaven as he slid his cock deeper and deeper inside the tiny girls pussy. He couldn't believe she hadn't stopped him. Slowly, in and out, Robert worked himself further inside. He felt his head hit Lucy's uterus. He pushed in a few times, slightly changing angles each time. After a couple of minutes of slow thrusting, he felt his head hit the teenage cervical nub.
    Without pause, Robert held her hips tight and slowly started to push in, forcing his head against the teens cervix. Robert knew he had to get his last 3 inches inside, knowing he had to get into her womb.
    Josh felt his father hit his uterus as well. Now he felt the pressure as his father pulled his hips tight, trying to force his last few inches in. Josh could feel the pressure against his uterus building, then he felt something stretch, it almost hurt, but as it stretched, he felt his father cock push in slowly, deeper by just a bit. A few more gentle pushes and Josh felt something give inside and at the same time, the cock pushed the last 2 inches in, in a single movement.
    Robert knew he was in. "Oh god yes, Wow, i wasn't sure i'd make it fully inside, you're just so tight", as he began only pulling out an inch and thrusting back in, making sure his head stayed tightly locked inside Lucy's cervix. "I'm so deep, i'm in your womb baby girl. I really have to feel it. Ooofff, so tight, i'm gonna cum. Here it comes" bellowed Robert.
    "No, don't, not in me, my period was 13 days ago, stop", cried Josh.
    With no care, Robert's cock began to swell, stretching even tighter inside Josh's cervix, completely sealing the only way out. With a huge grunt, Robert shoved as hard as he could, just to be sure he was as deep as he could go, then let go. His enormous load race up his shaft and blasted through his head into the teenagers womb. Josh felt the smoldering hot load spurt inside, feeling the heat spread instantly deep inside his beautiful belly. Josh then lost control, the heat causing him to orgasm even if he didn't want to.
    Robert felt Lucy's cervix tighten and her pussy muscles ripple as the girl orgasmed. This only drove Robert on as his second spurt sprayed into the girls womb. Robert lost count at 12 spurts of baby seed, as he pumped every last load his balls could muster into his dream girl.
    "Oh my god, Lucy! I can't believe how amazing that was. I've wanted to fuck a baby into you since you were 13. I can't believe i finally got too. Man Josh is gonna be pissed when he finds out i impregnated his best friend."
    "Sir, i can't. You been wanting me since when? You have to pull out, i gotta get your cum out. I don't want a baby", cried Josh again.
    It was way too late, Robert had pumped so much seed into his teenage womb, that it had flooded his fertile little ovaries as well. Josh already had 4 eggs fertilized inside his belly.
    Josh headed home, feeling the massive load of seed almost like it was sloshing in his belly, but also leaking into his now wet panties. His new girly life was about to be ruined. His new parents weren't going to dote on a pregnant teenager. Lucy would probably stop talking to him once she finds out as well. His perfect body would be stretched once the babies start growing. Josh cried all the way home.


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