Monday 12 April 2021

TG Caption: Oblivious To The Great Shift...



  1. Something else James didn't know that while he was examining his new body in and out of the pool the rich unshifted husband of the girl who's body he now inhabits was in his home office with a window that overlooks the pool watching his wife. He was getting some paperwork done and was also oblivious to the shift as well due to not having the TV on and his smartphone was charging in the bedroom trying to eliminate distractions however the sight of his wife in a skimpy bikini getting in and out of the pool and and often touching her breasts, between her thighs and her perfect backside it was obvious she was trying to distract him after about an hour he decided to give in and went out to the pool. James was getting out yet again with all the new sensations of the water beading down his now smooth and supple skin "Mrs. Robinson(he would learn is his new last name) are you trying to seduce me?" It wasn't till just now that James realize there was a wedding ring on his feminine finger and that this dude must be this girls husband and by the look on his face and the growing bulge in his pants that he clearly wants sex. "Mind if I join you?" he said while removing his cloths.

  2. Another great story! James is too busy enjoying his new body to realize what is happening in the world. James, now Jaime is so into her new body and exploring all the benefits forgets she ever was a male. When her husband joins her in the pool all she wants is sex so she can remember what it is like. Smart girl! Zoe

  3. I think James got darn lucky with that body! lol


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