Thursday 19 February 2015

Discount Boobs

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  1. OK the owner of the Cafe was your typical greasy spoon, older with a small stomach a balding, but it turns out Charlie frond out from another girl that the guy did have two great qualities he made sure the woman all ways cums first and his sausage was to die for. Charlie did have that drink with the guy and turns out Charlie stayed the hot redhead for longer than he planed. Charlie was waking up in the Cafe owner bed a lot more than in his bed. One morning Charlie started to get really sick getting up out of the owners bed running to the bathroom and puking. Doing this for the next three morning Charlie got a pregnancy test and found out the truth she would be staying a woman for ever but after the baby was born Charlie found out she could still Shapeshift but it was only into other woman.


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