Monday, 31 October 2016

Starting With A Bang...Literally! (Explicit) (GIF)

I can watch this GIF all day :)
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Carla Xxx


  1. Persoanlly I always like the punny titles

  2. Such a great GIF!

  3. I love this cap and story! I can only dream it was me....

  4. jay did not really understand what was really happening to him but in the very back of his now greatly dimemishing male thoughts were the thoughs of jay your going to be a woman now and than jays mind completly was swapped by all totally new feelings as jays chest expanded and her male sex organs receeded back up into her body forming a new vagina pussy which was all of the sudded very wet her whole body quivered as she shank in size and became much smaller in hieght her hair now bulged iout of her head cascading down her back and in front of her eyes forming girklish bangs her chest expanded forming two soft but firm c cup breast oh oh oh my yes yes yes i'm i''m female now!

  5. I love how Lucy helps him get over his reluctance to enjoy his new temporary body.


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