Saturday, 10 June 2017

Guest TG Captions: More Of Elle's Comments!

Two weeks ago, I published a post where I edited up some of the amazing comments written by Elle Matthews, the incredible writer from over at as extensions to some of my captions. It seems like many of you loved it, and so I've edited another one (my personal favorite of her comments) 

My Original "Playing With Her Funbags":

Elle's Extention (Part 1):

Elle's Extention (Part 2):

If you enjoyed these, then make sure to visit Elle's blog for more of her stuff!
Also, remember to rate and comment! If there is enough interest, I'll edit up some more of her comments soon!

(N.B. Obviously these were originally written as comments, and were not intended as full stand-alone captions. To see Elle's work in it's intended glory, deffo check out her blog) 

P.s Thankyou Elle for your incredible comments!!!!


  1. Great cap, especially with input from such a great writer. Keep it up. Then again I loved both caps, your original and the rewrite.


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