Thursday 19 October 2017

Gender Wave TG Caption: "Engrossed In Her Reading"

Gender Wave captions are some of my favorites to write at the moment!
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Carla Xxx


  1. Good as always. hey, I think I wrote a caption with a photo from the same shoot. my Telemarketers one. it was part of my 50k triple treat.

  2. finally someone out tere had appealed to jay's request and had sent him this ancient spell book jay had been pondering over it now for several day's and indeed had finally found a total complete permanet gender spell he had alreaady just screwed up his courage and had read one of the gender spells and it really had worked jay had changed into giirlhood he now had breast and his penis had gone away leaving him smooth down bwteen her leg's jay was really loving finally being female he really did love his pert new breast and his wet pussy!


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