Wednesday, 27 December 2017

How To Comment Anonymously!

Recently I've had a few emails and comments from people that want to comment, but are concerned about their anonymity. 
So I thought I'd explain properly how to leave a fully anonymous comment!

It takes 10 seconds or less and I'd love to hear from you, even if it's just a quick thought on the caption. Feel free to leave lots of anonymous comments on this post if you'd like to test it!

P.s Don't worry, new caption will be out as normal at 8pm GMT!


  1. Hi this is Carla! Thought I'd also just prove it works!

  2. Thankyou!!! Always wondered how people were doing this!

  3. Nice! I didn't know I could anonymously comment. Uhm, a few things. I'm a longtime fan, yours is the first blog I hit up, check for updates, then I use your links to get to other blogs. When I click on a picture, it's oftentimes small text that I can't read and I have to right-click and open in a new tab, not sure if you can change the preview settings. Also, MAU and choice captions are my favorite, if I'm able to make a request. I had an idea for an MAU situation where the girlfriend accidentally changes into the guy's form, and when the guy makes a slutty version of his girlfriend for her to change back, but she forces him to change and they have to deal with living each others' lives. Anyways, thanks for the quality captions!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the long comment!
      I've tried several times to fix the small text issue, but I can't fix it so far without screwing over the formatting big time.Sorry, but I'll keep trying.

      As for requests, I'm not currently taking formal requests per say, but it's certainly an idea i'll keep in mind!

  4. CHecKinG iT WoRks DoN'T MiND mE

  5. Thank you for this! I love reading your caps.

  6. Testing testing 1 2 3


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