Thursday, 7 June 2018

Forced TG Caption: Absolutely Perfect

Another personal fave ;)
Carla Xxx


  1. The scientist was right, at least in Robin's eyes, his Bride was absolutely perfect. She was a perfect girlfriend, then fiancee, & now wife. In less than 6 months he'd gone from being alone & abandoned to being Loved & Married. But he wanted more, he wanted a Family to be proud of, a Family that he could take care of & would Love him & respect him for it. His Perfect Wife was about to take the next step in their Marriage, Motherhood. & since she was the Perfect Loyal Wife, getting her Pregnant would be easy. A quick suggestion & she was more than ready to give him children. & once the thought was in her mind, it became overpowering, she wanted to be his Sexy Little Pregnant Wife, waddling around Pregnant, Barefoot, & in their Kitchen. & so after 5 years of marriage, Robin was Happy with his pregnant Wife beside him, their 4 kids playing or sleeping around them & knowing she would give him a few more kids before they had to call it quits. All the while his rival was stuck as a passenger inside Robin's Wife, knowing & feeling everything they did. Going through each sexual experience, each pregnancy, each birth, & hating but at the same time beginning to love each experience.


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