Monday 5 November 2018

Second Puberty TG Caption: "Since I Grew Boobs..."


  1. I love the transform but I think turning a women would be fun be very painful maybe u could do a transform of it looking painful if u use my idea could u use my name Brandon the person transformed ps huge tits would be great 2

  2. If she is just now wondering what the shower wand does she must be a blond air head. that would have been one of the first thigs I would have explored.

  3. yes yes yes i really do want a second purberty but this time i want to be a girl!

  4. in fact i would like to go all the way back and be reborn as a baby girl this time yes yes yes please!

    1. Me too, but then I would want great genes and become more beautiful every year and big double-Ds when going to college.


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