Thursday, 10 January 2019

Explicit TG Caption: "Show Me Yours..."


  1. As it turns out you gave Jackie a nite to remember and if she wants to stay with woman you were more than willing to become her girlfriend. But Jackie wanted to hole package and with in two weeks after she was no longer contagious with her mom's and three sisters help Jackie became a woman and found a guy to fuck and make her a real woman but because you were a great friend she introduced you to her boyfriends brother after the first time you told your BFF Jackie that you were all in and and his dick would be yours forever if you had anything to do with it. 1 year later you and Jackie had a double wedding, and with in months both of you were pregnant with Twins as you found out before the wedding your man and Jackie's were Twins also.

  2. jay i've finally finished chaning and now t's all done and now i'm i'm a real girl see i have a vagina pussy now and see i have breast now too now let me see your penis oh oh oh my that's great now will you just do me a real favor please yes what is it you want me to do well i want yu to fuck me i just can not stand it already i want to know how it feels for a girl to have sex wekll let's just do it than because already i have caught the very same tg flu and very soon i too will be a girl!


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