Thursday 8 August 2019

Magic TG Caption: "Who's The Bitch Now?"

Just an FYI, after some discussions with the moderators of the r/transformation and r/bodywapping subreddits, I'm not going be cross-posting my links there anymore. I don't believe there's any bad blood, we've just agreed it doesn't suit what we're each trying to achieve. 

With this in mind, if you want to be alerted whenever I post, remember to subscribe using the link in the sidebar, or using the RSS reader of choice!


  1. not read this yet but love your m2f stuf bikini beach and second puberty stuff is the best

  2. I check the site whenever I want to see something new, so no worries! Long as you keep making caps, I'm happy! :D

  3. Carly, I love your captions. The witch revenge theme is this one is really hot!

  4. Who is the model in this caption. I love her.


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