Thursday, 12 September 2019

Explicit TG Caption: Spirit Wine

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Carla Xxx


  1. Could you do more second puberty captions please.

  2. THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE CAPTION!!! I love this one so much, keep it up Carly!

  3. George's mom's offer sounds too good to be true, but man, what a great start to the week! Very hot cap!

  4. love the style of this one, swapping wine is a fun concept

  5. I wounder if George and his mom swapped earlier and in fact it was George in his mom's body that just swapped with his muscular friend so when Georges mom got back from the trip as George she found her body and her son's friend had disappeared. Georges mom in Georges body had gone over to his friends house and asked he parents where he was not that George was back from the trip. the mom started to cry the dad got mad and called Gorge's mom a slut and child abuser and other things after George's mom got over being shocked the dad said that his mom had taken his son and the two now were living in Canada married and in the same email his son sent said that he had gotten George's mom pregnant. being a divorced woman now her son George's mom went back to her ex husband now dad for help.

  6. ..."...without some serious effort. So, seeing as you have the hard body that made my 'buddy' hammer-hard, don't you think it's only fitting that we fit it everywhere you always imagined putting it, Carly?"

    I could barely break my gaze away from my former eyes, which looked strange as they still regarded me with the same expression of mischievous lust she'd worn before our swap. A delicious shiver covered the smooth skin I now inhabited as a tingling sensation on my chest drew my attention - and one hand - to the nipples standing at attention atop my perfect breasts while my other dainty fingers delicately meandered up my thigh to rest gently against the wet lace panties cupping the incredible heat of my swollen vulva.

    "Yh-h your p-h h-h pussy is s-SO wet, Carly!" her sultry voice conveyed my observation in barely more than a sensual whisper as she reached across to gently fondle the breast I was not already squeezing and leaned in closer to my ear.

    "No, Beautiful," my deep tone resonated her words in my new ear and the breath from my former lungs turned my smooth skin to goose-flesh. "Right now YOU are Carly and YOUR pussy is wet," she emphasized the fact by expertly pinching my nipple with her strong fingers to send a spike of arousal to my clit and a smidgen of juice seeping from my hot slit. "For the time being, I'm L.J. and YOU are making MY dick SO hard, Ms. Hansen."

    "B-but...I'm not g-gay," my weak protest offered as she kissed my neck and slid to kneel on the floor in front of me, Despite being in the more mature body of my roomie's mother, I could not help but feel - I suppose - like a little girl on her first date as she skillfully smooched her way towards my chest.

    "Of course you're not. And neither am I, Carly." Her eyes held mine as she licked then sucked first on then the other of my stiff nipples. "We have all week to prove that to each other. But don't worry. I'm a gentleman,? her deep tone was comforting as she carefully parted my sexy legs and kissed her way down my belly to halt at the waistband of my panties, "and, in my book, the LADY always comes first!.."...

    I hope you don't mind being the player in this, Carla. I'd surely love playing it with you!



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