Monday, 23 September 2019

Magic TG Caption: Summer Of Love

I just couldn't stop writing this story! So enjoy my first 3 part caption this year!
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Carla Xxx


  1. My Sister had to go to a magic camp the following week and would not get back till two weeks before summer was over. That was a hole 9 weeks of not only being a woman but the sexy wife to Amy now Andy. During the 9 weeks of womanhood Andy got a promotion at his work and decided that going back to a high school girl was not for him. Andy even had his older boss and his wife over to dinner where I had to be the hostess. Both Andy and I had learned to drink and we both loved it to the point when I went back to a boy I was going to bar-tending school instead of a trade school I found I could make the best drinks with a little bit of magic. And for the Magic I found that now I was a female I had access to the family powers where as a boy I did not. We had Mr and Mrs Smith over 5 more times to dinner I became a really good friend to Mrs Smith she in visited me to join her woman's club at the country club where Andy had learned to play golf with Mr Smith with some help from his loving wife and her magic. Andy then became a partner the weekend before my sister was due back and we both decided this was the new life we both wanted, it was then I started to get sick all the time. went to the doctors the day before my sister got back. Andy and I had some great news to tell my sister and my parents but we decided to wait for the weekend. I decided to tell my sister first. She tried to turn me back and could not that was when I told her Sorry sis but you have really made a mess of my life not only did I truly fall in love with Amy now Andy but you are going to become an Aunt at Christmas time. She was shocked that she was losing a BFF in Amy now Andy but she was excited to be getting a Sister and niece or nephew soon.

  2. Love it, just brilliant and agree they should stay as they are now


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