Monday, 2 December 2019

Magic TG Caption: Embarrassed Solemates...

As some of you have been asking; I will not be doing 30DaysOfCaptions this year. Writing a new caption every day takes alot of planning and preparation, and with some of the issues going on in my personal life I just havn't had time. That said, I will still be posting 3 captions a week!


  1. Hey, I know you're probably not one for reauests, but,

    Could you do a Role Exchanger cap where a guy and his girlfriend are hanging out and then she swaps bodies with her pet rabbit, and he gets her pussy, and her clothes too and with the rabbit in the girls body, and the guys dick, they fuck?

    Kinda wierd, but I enjoy the more...creative caps that you specialize in, so I don't thinj itll be too bad.



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