Thursday, 14 May 2020

Explicit TG Caption: Don't Waste The Water...


  1. What the hell did those two do?

  2. I think it would be a really interesting story concept for twins one male and one female to swap bodies like in this caption, but it's been happening ever since they were born and they both spend equal time in each body. How would they grow up? Would either identify as one of the twins, or are they both both of them? Do either prefer one body or one life over the other? Do they even live seperate lives or do they do everything together? I'd imagine they'd both become quite androgynous, and live almost inseparably but there is so much to explore there and many interesting stories could be written taking the concept in different directions. I'm not sure if it would translate well into a caption though, as it feels like a much longer piece of writing and not necessarily erotic.

  3. Wicked curse. I hope it never kicks in while one is asleep and the other is driving.


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