Saturday 29 August 2020

TG Caption: The Boss' New Secretary & An Extra Caption Each Week?!

A while ago I asked if there would be any interest if I set up a Patreon for access to a 4th caption each week, and the response was quite overwhelming. At the time it was just an idea, but since then it's become far more intriging...

I try not to talk about global events as I like to think of this place as a retreat. However, the pandemic has hit everyone hard. I'm very lucky to be in good health, however due to the current economic climate my job can no longer support me fully. Therefore I had a decision to make. 
I could either look for a second job, which would leave me with very little free time, and practically no time to write captions. Or, I could ask my amazing community for assistance, and try to use my passion for writing here to support myself. I thought I should at least try the later...

So, if you can find a space in your heart to help me keep writing these captions, or just fancy reading an extra caption a week for the price of a pack of gum, please give my patreon a look. There is already 8 posts over there, including a GIF and a two-part caption. Additional posts will be released ever Wednesday at the usual time. 

If I can find a way to support myself through this, then the shedule on this blog shouldn't change. If not, I might have to move to twice a week while I search for another job. I really don't mean for that to sound depressing, it's just the honest truth. 

Thankyou so much to anyone who is even considering pledeing, and hope you enjoy the rewards!
(There's also a reduced rate early-bird tier for the first 30 people to pledge!)

Much love
Carla Xxx


  1. Hi, Carly! I just signed up as a Patreon supporter, and I really hope that you can continue to be as creative and witty as you always are, despite all life circumstances! Happy to help, since every little bit counts.

    Just one note: the image link included in this post doesn't work, because it is an invalid URL. Clicking on it links to, when I think that what you wanted it to link to was (which you typed below the image). Small typo, really, but I hope that you could correct it so that more people could easily pledge their support for you! ^_^

    I wish you all the best in these difficult times.

    1. Hi Karen, thankyou so much for helping!!
      Also thanks for the tech tip! Hopefully my writing is better than my computer skills!

    2. Glad to help! There's nothing wrong with your computer skills; it was just a simple typo. Keyboards can be challenging when you have long nails and beautifully manicured hands. ;)

  2. He maybe a great worker on the business side of things. But personally he believe in a casted system. That he's the privilege elite, so a new is needed every few weeks. But this new secretary was different how different. He realized to late!!

  3. Could not help but to donate to one of my favourite caption writers, the fact you've produced so many free of charge, you deserve a reward darling.

  4. I think Jason is learning a few valuable life lessons. lol


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