Thursday, 31 December 2020

Remote TG Caption: "Hot, Sweaty And Extremely Horny..."

Lets round out 2020 with a remote caption, my personal favourite method...
Much love,
Carla Xxx



  1. Happy New Years! For new years I suggest we each tell each other a secret about sex we've told no one. I'll start. I fucked my first boy when I was 10 :). We had a huge crush on each other so once we snuck off to the boys bathroom (no, not the first time I had seen a urinal or a real life dick) and started "kissing" (we weren't very good) eventually he took out his dick. I touched it a little and was surprised when it grew bigger and stood pointing at me. He told me to put it in my mouth, so I sucked on it for a little, and I wasn't very good. He eventually told me to take off my pants and turn around, so I did, and then he put his dick up my pussy! It felt so good! He couldn't cum yet, so eventually we stopped and went back to class. We tried to fuck each other every month after that, but eventually we "broke up". Also, my 32f size tits finished growing when I was 11, which are huge because I only weigh 110 pounds!

  2. Once I accidentally walked in on my sister when she was in the shower and then she gave me a blowjob and I cummed all her her face.

  3. OOO! Lucky her! I wish I had a bro. Tho once me and my friend "accidentally" walked into the boys locker room after school and ended up fucking a bunch a muscly football players with giant cocks. Why do football players have such big cocks?


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