Monday, 1 March 2021

Explicit TG Caption: Putting Ideas In Her Head...

We havn't had a multi-part caption in a while, but with this one I just couldn't stop writing!
Carla Xxx



  1. Very creative!!!!! Agree with a sequel Zoe

  2. Wait, wait please, please don't. I, I didn't want this. After a minutes, later.
    Oh, oh, oh I'm, I , I feel like girl, I, I look like a girl, I am girl, my life, is what , I wanted.
    Wait, you, you want this.
    Of course, silly, I knew that, if I irritated you enough you transformed into a girl.
    And I know that I'll a girl should been.

  3. Amazing work Carly! I love this one so much.


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