Saturday, 17 April 2021

GIF TG Caption: "I'm The CEO! Not A Dumb Secretary!"



  1. Harold and his wife would find that they were no longer attracted to each other to try and save their marriage the government offered to give Harold's wife a young male body but she declined saying she just can't see herself living as a man feeling guilty they did offer her a young attractive female one as compensation for their separation. Harold and her remained good friends and was even Harold maid of honor 2 years at Harriot's wedding to his colleague. The government was very pleased to learn that interracial couple would be at the head of Harold's company.

    PS Harold's wedding dress had a similar neckline, his stomach was still flat but wouldn't be much longer before he started 'showing'.

  2. Great video. The reaction to being in that body is perfect. lol


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