Monday 21 June 2021

Second Puberty TG Caption: Flirting With A Married Man...

If you turned out like her, would you be able to resist?
Carla Xxx

P.s. like a previous caption released on the blog in April, this caption was available on early access to some of my Pateons many months back. Just as a reminder, you can have a look at what the different tiers offer at the link below. 
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  1. Very nice and hot, perfect cap to picture match.

    I kind of wonder about the wife leaving her husband and her new sister, dressed as she was, alone while she showered. I can imagine the wife coming out, wearing a bathrobe, her long hair wrapped in a towel and seeing her husband nailing her new, sexy sister.

    "Thank God, you finally manned up and got it done. I've been so exhausted from you screwing me every single night because you cannot stop fantasying about my brother turned hot, busty chick."

    "I'm going to bed, you two enjoy yourselves. Now, get it out of your systems, both of you. I am letting you each have a hall pass for this, once and only once. This really is a once in a lifetime situation, I hope."

    "BTW, my old college roommate, Linda, just finished her 2nd puberty transition into the hottest looking guy I have ever seen. She is totally ripped and has the biggest... well, you fill in the rest. This little tryst of yours makes what I'm going to say far easier. She and I are going to the cabin this weekend. I need to help her "adapt" to her new body and life. Just like Jeff is helping you adapt to your new life dear little sister. Once that is done, we become a regular family again. Although, I just might introduce Linda to my new sister here..."

    "Are you guys even listening to me? Oh, take your hand off of her mouth, I don't care how loud you each get. I'll get out my Beats and listen to music. Shower before you come to bed Jeff. If you want, you can shower together, get that fantasy fulfilled at the same time."

    "Not even going to slow down and say goodnight? Fine, don't break anything, goodnight."

  2. Love this caption! And loving your captions on Patreon too! Keep up the good work!


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