Saturday 12 August 2023

Explicit TG Caption: My Half-Year Girlfriend...

Best of both worlds? 



  1. Yes! This is my dream scenario. To be able to switch gender back and forth with my partner. Both taking turns to be a guy and the girl

  2. Sounds like a great life! Maybe if men and women could really switch back n forth every month, we would see life in a better way! This is a wonderful cap, didn't see the change coming! Zoe

  3. The "curse" sounds like a dream come true to me.... To ad to it, I would hope to be the one to get pregnant, locking me in my big titted horn female form forever!

  4. He like her, but ever other month, she is gone not to be found. No sex a the full moon, but thought she would the one. But when she something strange and odd. I didn't believe it, until I happen, after a few I knew that I be back to a guy, and he into her. So to get rid this sexually tension, I had sex as girl. Was it as bad as I thought no, would miss being a guy. Well its complexes,

  5. Can you bring back the random captions on the side panel of the website? It’s so much harder to find good old captions now!

    1. part of the plugin I used broke, causing the whole website to fail to load for a few days until I removed the random section. I'm trying to find a way round it currently

  6. Love this concept! Would be fun to see more curse situations


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