Thursday, 25 August 2016

"Playing With Her Funbags"

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Carla Xxx

Concept requested by Jordan M

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  1. "...when the front doorbell rang so, while Mr. Lee barely stirred in his post-coital nap, Jordan slipped Mrs. Lee's silk kimono over his smooth, stolen skin to go answer the door. Walking from the bedroom to the foyer Jordan was more than thrilled by the sensation of the silk gliding over his beautiful, bare body and the quick resurgence of sexual need growing inside his womanhood!

    His small, manicured fingers turned the knob to open the door and reveal himself standing there with a lustful look in the eyes of the one who now inhabited his body. Letting a chortle of shock escape in the high-pitched voice of Mrs. Lee, Jordan said, "Ohmygod! Mrs... Uh, I mean, 'Jordan'?! What can I do for you...young man?" Not oblivious to the obvious bulge evident in the front of his favorite pair of board-shorts, a blush of embarrassment - along with a sense of flattery - sent his female libido into high gear. "Or, should I ask; What can you do for me," he added in Mrs. Lee's most seductive tone.


    1. ...
      The young mans flesh - which was his only hours ago - twitched noticeably in 'his' shorts as 'he' eyed Jordan's erect nipples poking through her silk robe and Jordan's eyes were locked on the outline of his former cock as he heard Mrs. Lee recite the cliche', "Uh, excuse me, but... My eyes are up here, Jordan," as the woman in his male body teased him by adjusting her package. "I just wanted to let you know that: First; Those sleeping pills only work for eight hours, and it's been ten since my last memory of being in my own body. The two hours since I woke up in yours have been spent trying to deal with your teenage male hormones and this boner that just won't quit as I stroke it to numerous orgasms at the thought of fucking my own, Asian-MILF flesh!

      "Second; That I actually find it quite flattering to be the object of a boy's - like yourself - carnal lust! A fact that has kept me too hard to do nearly anything but address point number one... Except for changing the access codes on the control program for that beam you used to exchange our bodies, since I have decided that, if you wanted my body - and life - so badly that you invented such a technology as to steal it from me, you should have no means for second-guessing your decision and switching us back without my approval! Besides the fact that I've totally been digging what it feels like to be a young man who lusts after 'your' body! However; As someone who knows how to relate to women - and address their physical needs as no man has the knowledge to - I am totally planning on making the potential that lies ahead of me with this flesh something other than that of a lonesome nerd.

      Which brings me to my third point, and that is; Seeing as you used to spend so much time pining for - and pulling your pud at the thought of - a carnal encounter with the body you now occupy, but are totally unaware of the habits and requirements to maintain; I'll be over here tomorrow after 'your husband' has left for the office so that I can begin tutoring you in the finer points of being 'Mrs. Lee'. At which time I'll also expect to give my precious pussy a kiss goodbye before I fuck you off into the life of a suburban housewife.

      Lastly; I'll be keeping that ray in perfect operating condition for use on what will come to be known as "The Purple Market" so that we can reap the benefits it will offer to a very unique & interesting community. And we'll split the profits of the fees derived from using it to help the Tg community! Sound like a plan, Mrs. Lee?"

      Flabbergasted and aroused as his mind tried to digest all that 'Jordan' had just laid out, the boy-it-the-woman's-body blushed and gave a slight nod of affirmation as Jordan asked, "Ah-A-are you sure you don't want to get started on that "kissing this pussy goodbye" thing right now?"

      Mrs. Lee let out the fiendish chuckle that Jordan knew so well and said, "Well, 'Mrs. Lee', I expect that your husband is passed-out after having you fuck his brains into oblivion with that fabulous body of 'yours' so, let's not risk waking him right now and we'll get together tomorrow for some planning on how to market 'my' swapping ray and the process of sealing our deal with a solid fuck... Okay?! Have a lovely evening, 'Mrs, Lee'!" ..."

      Too much, I know, Carly. It's simply the path your wonderful tale set my twisted mind upon. I sure would not object to being in Jordan's position!!!



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