Thursday, 18 August 2016

Shapeshifter For Hire: The Full Experience (Explicit)

Another personal favorite :)
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Carla Xxx

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  1. " much as I want to get the full reward fro my efforts! And that means me getting a LOT more than the cash they pay for my abilities! It means making the most of our both our physical experiences! I mean, yeah, it's really fun when one of my clients want to have me fulfill some MILF fantasy he's got for a soccer mom, but I really love it when the guy wants me to be one of our nubile, young classmates for his first time! I usually have to employ my advanced experience to get the most out of a guy whose too shy to actually have a shot at the girl of his dreams, but having the lithe, limber body of his favorite fantasy chick is like getting to have my cherry popped over & over again!!! ..."

    This little-Miss sure looks dangerous, Carly!


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