Monday, 1 May 2017

TG Caption: "Wishing They Could Be Her"


  1. Awesome cap. Great use of photo :)

  2. Well done Carly. Loved it. I agree, great use of picture as well.

  3. ThatBimboKylie2 May 2017 at 17:34

    Lovely cap :-)

  4. " experience and to explore and to savour every sensation of her smooth, sensuous skin! Even just being in her relaxed pose, partially immersed in the cool water, nearly assaulted John's consciousness with the erotic, tactile input from every pore of this new flesh as 'she' tired to nonchalantly look about the pool, hoping - for the moment - that no one noticed the ardent peaks crinkling to stiffness through the fabric cupping 'her' ample bosom, or the awkward way that John was starting to shift her curvaceous hips and stir water with her luscious legs to add accent to the warmth now stirring inside her foreign - to him - folds of female flesh.
    So absorbed with the strange new feelings of her female form, it wasn't until a shadow fell over John that he realized another woman had been talking to her. Another, very beautiful woman! One whose easy approach toward John's new mount suggested she was a friend of 'hers', but, unlike the quick access he'd usually gained to the memories of the men he'd inhabited in the past; John found navigating this body's 'circuitry' a more-challenging maze of emotions & sensations than the male mind provided.
    "Damn, girl! Snap-out'v-it! Here's your drink, luv, but it look as you've 'ad enough, Carly," the other woman was saying as John tried to keep 'her' pretty face from looking too far gone. But, his body's friend suggested, "Maybe we ought-t' get you out'v the sun, dear? C/mon, luv! Let's 'ead back t'the room and do somethin't' get you feelin' betta', like lettin' me cool your 'ot puss down under th' shower!?"
    'Carly just nodded as she took a serious gulp from her G-&-T. Then, taking the ginger girl's hand as she led Carly from the pool, John spoke for the first time with a female voice, saying, "Sounds like just what I need...", still searching his body's brain for the file with her friend's name. ..."

    Can't help but imagine you might enjoy the though of having a guy borrow 'your' body, Carla. Especially when you might get to feel his arousal & response to his first lesbian session!


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