Thursday, 27 April 2017

Explicit TG Caption:How To Make It Big Online...


  1. Love it, love it, love it!!!

  2. Picture works really well with the caption. Keep it up!

  3. "...but, then again, she hasn't entirely lost Tom's love of beautiful breasts and slick, yummy pussy - like her own!
    "Okay, all you lusty live-watchers; Your comments & input have taken me from playing games to playing with myself! And mow a few of you are suggesting I try playing with someone else while you all watch. Now, I haven't really 'switched teams' from when I was that geeky, Tom boy, but I think this 'little-girl' in my panties is about ready to play with something more real than what I keep around for my 'private-time' so, I'm putting out the call for any beautiful, busty T-gurlz with a titillating tally-whacker who'd like to hop on, I mean, hop over here to help ease me into finding out how far I want to take my female side..." ..."

    I can just imagine how many guys will be volunteering to dress in drag to get answer that invitation!
    A really well-wrought piece for a fun pic, Carla!


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