Thursday 8 March 2018

Explicit TG Caption: "A Simpler Life..."


  1. Well, at least he's considerate enough to give the poor boy a chance at enjoying his new life. :)

  2. really nice cap, well done!

  3. jay did remeber how this had realy happened but happen it finally had all he could really remeber was being in st louis on one of his many trips over there he had been walking back to his car in forest park after a show when he felt very string arms grab him he struugle but it was just no use he was than gagged and something was shot into his arm and he pased out it had been getting late yet again but this time jay would never ever be going back home ever again the next thing he knew he was in a very strange place in some long ago abandoned factory and it was like he was way underground he felt even wieder now but just could not really understand what was happening to him he felt very differnt now and than t finally came to him he was a woman now he felt breast on his chest and where his penis had been was now smooth and much more fleshy oh oh oh my yes yes yes he thought to himself i've i've got a vagina pussy now and it's wet oh my god i'm i;'m female where am i?
    why has this happened to me?


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