Thursday, 29 March 2018

Magic TG Caption: "They're So Heavy..."


  1. Nice job. Do you take requests?

  2. Shelly is right, Carla, Josh is totally HAWT! And the look on his pretty, new face conveys that there's a longing for something...MORE! Perhaps something like...
    "..."And, for the piece'de reisisance..." Lisa said as she turned her attention to the beautiful blonde who had been helping Josh to make Lisa jealous, "...I think she should get first crack at your slutty tract, Josh."

    Josh cried out, "NO! It's not her fault!" thinking that Lisa was going to turn his friend into a man as the witch started to make swirling motions with her wand around the other woman, whose body had been frozen still when Lisa first arrived.
    But, as Lisa'a motions seemed to be erasing the other woman from the feet upwards, she started to make spirals of stardust around her own crotch until it became obvious what was happening. And Josh was torn between feeling responsible for his friend's situation and the utter eroticism of what he saw.

    "Don't take it out on her, Lisa! This was my idea," his newly raised voice cried. But, by the time he had knelt in front of Lisa to beg, her body was mostly transformed, and Josh's dainty fingers wrapped around the girl's neck/shaft as he cried, "I'm SO sorry! I never expec..."

    The pretty, shrinking head pursed her lips as if to kiss Josh and Lisa chuckled, "Better hurry and give her a kiss, Josh." So he tilted the shaft to press his own swollen lips against the changing face as her 'neck' shuddered and Josh found his lips parting to wrap around the blondes former head.

    The smile on Lisa's face was a mixture of dominant satisfaction, pleasure and pure lust as Josh found himself slowly sucking the new appendage - which had been a person only moments ago - deeper into his mouth while his other, dainty hand delicately fingered the new genitalia between his smooth thighs, which imparted a growing yearning to be filled with the pretty dick now sported by the witch.


    1. ...
      "Oh, my-my, but aren't you good at that, Josh! This cannot be the first time you've sucked a cock... And I'm sure it won't be the last." cooed Lisa as he slowly savored her new member's throbbing heat. "And don't forget to play with her titties too!"

      Josh threw a puzzled expression up at Lisa and backed her dick out of his throat to inspect the pair of fleshy orbs at the base of her shaft, only to see that they did indeed still look like the miniaturized breasts of the woman whose neck/shaft he was still stroking with one manicured hand while his other rubbed his aching pussy! His added arousal at this strange situation was becoming too much, and it increases exponentially as he leaned in to lick at the tiny nipples still evident on Lisa's "balls"

      "Mm, yeah," moaned the witch as he suckled and lapped at the changing tits, his own breasts feeling excitement and need as the shaft of flesh in his small hand flexed and surged as the ones he was sucking began to grow hard and lost their vestigial areolae. "Ooh, get ready Josh. Your cheating bitch is about to unload a present for you!"

      Josh obediently, almost without thinking, raced to get the head of Lisa's beautiful cock into his pretty mouth before she erupted with powerful streams of gooey fluid that he found himself urgently drinking down as his mouth and hands worked in concert to drain completely from Lisa's gushing "girl-meat"

      Josh met Lisa's gaze with a smile in his eyes as he caught his breath while cleaning the juice from her cock. "That's good, you little slut! A couple more of those and we'll make a complete woman of you so that you and that bitch can become even more closely acquainted. And, on the bright side, you'll have about ten months before needing to deal with your period."

      The gravity of that statement was lost on Josh as he wrapped his huge, supple tits around Lisa's throbbing member, eager to have her fill his new vagina to overflowing climax!

      He, Carla! I hope this addendum stirs something in your imagination! A totally hot story to begin with, M'dear! Sorry this 'epELLEogue' is so long.

  3. oh oh oh my just please stop these new breast are getting way to big and heavy no i will not stop you briught this on yourself you have always wanted this and now you've got it your a woman now!


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