Monday, 23 April 2018

Guest TG Caption: Easy To Manipulate

I've got another amazing guest captioner for you lovelies today. The incredible X-Changer, who has written loads of amazing TG awesomeness over on deviant-art!
Be sure to check out the page at the link below:

If you want to write the next guest caption, either just for fun or to get some extra views for your hard work, get in touch at: 


  1. Interesting and tragic. I like the story.


  2. It needs a great shift label. Then I can find this great cap again with more ease.

  3. I gave you a poor not for the picture or the cap but to leave the family hanging high and dry. If it was me I would have been all mysterious finding my dad a job in security with my new husband's company with a sizable pay raise. My mom some kind of seamstress job or better yet a fashion designer that a super model discovered and that made famous my sisters full ride scholarships to college. and in the end I would swear all of them to total secrecy and tell them the truth that their son and brother is alive and well.


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