Thursday 12 April 2018

Potion TG Caption: "To Achieve My Deepest Desires..."

Let me know your deepest desires in the comments
(don't worry, you can comment anonymously if you'd like ^-^)
Carla Xxx


  1. Oh, I like it - especially the realism of her transformation.

  2. This is really well written

  3. Deepest turn into a sexy Hawaiian or Latina woman, flirt with guys (and girls) have amazing sex at the end of the night. Of course I'd explore my body first....someone that looks like yovanne Ventura. She's sexy.

  4. can you remeber where you got this potion i want it to i want to take it and than change at long last into womanhood just like you have i too have wanted this since i was a little boy!

  5. I agree with eleventhdr! Maybe with the malls reopening the old man will return to most of the malls to catch up with business. I hope so! Zoa


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