Saturday 11 July 2020

GIF TG Caption: "Are We Breaking Up?"


  1. What's the source of the GIF?

  2. " I found myself the focus of a passionate lust she had never expressed to me before. And it felt more erotic, arousing or perfect than I ever imagined!

    The pair of hard-ons poking against hers as our soft, round breasts pressed together in her embrace sent urgent signals of delicious warmth straight to the tender apex of my flat crotch while the labia majora along my new opening swelled in the clutches of the painted-on jeans that would have crushed my balls.

    No kiss had ever tasted so sweet or felt so right as our tongues danced playfully and desperately in each-other's mouths! And I could not help wanting to know what her mouth would feel like tending to the need now filling depths so foreign to me.

    When her hands slid into my crotch and over my ass I gasped at her gently urgent grasp as wet heat oozed onto the fabric between my smooth, sexy thighs. "Oh-g-GHAWD, Carla! Puh- Please tell me I'm not just dreaming!"

    She gave my beautiful new boobs a gentle squeeze and said with a wistfully devilish grin, "No, Elle. You're now my dream girl made manifest," as she pulled my shirt open to free the tender teats that had been pressing outward. "And things between us are about to get a LOT more real!" Then her mouth descended upon my nipples to draw a lustful moan from my throat...and more dampness from my new womanhood. "

    Always love your stories, Carla!


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