Monday 2 November 2020

Bodyhopper TG Caption: "Hopping A Late Bloomer..."


  1. Wow, what a great body hopper caption!

  2. I convinced Hannah to stay. I took a bit to assure her i didn't touch her and she was maybe just not well.
    It was the second night that got me undone. Hannah fell asleep so i hopped into her. I was planning another night out, but on my way to the bathroom i realized my own bedroom door was open. I looked in on myself, out cold while i am in someone else.
    My brain wandered and i felt Hannah's pussy get wet instantly. Unable to control the thought i headed in. I stripped Hannah naked and then pulled the bed covers off. I pulled off my own boxers, leaving me naked as well.
    "Sorry Hannah, but i reckon this will be the best fuck of my life".
    I climb onto the bed, straddled over my own cock. I used Hannah's hands to rub myself fully hard. Once my cock was standing proud, i aimed it and sat Hannah's pussy down on it, driving it balls deep in one go. I felt it hit Hannah's uterus. I was only going to fuck her, but knowing my cock was reaching so deep i moved and leant back a bit. The next thrust down i felt my cock press into Hannah's cervix.
    "Oh god, Hannah i have to, so good and your so sexy. Yep gonna do it". I rode my cock, thrust her hips down hard, forcing my cock deeper into her cervix each time. Hannah's body took over as i hit her orgasm and lost control. My mind went blank as the heat rushed through my temporary pussy. It caused my own body to orgasm.
    Just as my senses started coming back, i sat down hard and felt my cock drive right into Hannah's cervix. Then before i even had time to reconsider, i felt my cock swell inside me and it blast it's first smolder hot load into Hannah's womb. Each load was followed by another, over and over i felt her belly fill up, heat splashing deeper and deeper inside with every spurt. I counted 14 spurts enter Hannah's womb before my balls stopped pumping.
    Hannah said she was still not well in the morning and asked if she could stay a few more days until she was well. I agreed for her to stay. She left 6 days later, still not feeling well. She will work it out soon i figured as for the remaining 5 nights i pumped at least 3 or 4 loads into her belly every night. I made sure she slept with her hips up every night to make sure nothing leaking out to alert her to her pussy being full of my baby makers.
    She called me 8 weeks later and told me she had been unwell due to being pregnant. She asked if i did anything to her. I told her she was a heavy sleeper and i fucked many loads into her every night the whole time she stayed. She was shocked, but also said "that's probably why i have 5 of your babies in my belly. You bastard".
    Little did she know since i had successfully fuck her and now i know impregnated her, during those 8 weeks i had been hopping bodies to as many hotties as i could find, using their bodies to go home, fuck myself and dump multiple loads inside each. Just on the hope of impregnating them. The girl i had only 2 night earlier just happened to be her 16 year old younger sister who is even hotter than Hannah. I wasn't sure, but knowing Hannah has my babies in her, i decided to revisit her sister to make sure she does too. I spent almost 2 weeks pumping 2 or 3 loads a night into Hannah little sister, really making sure she was going to be pregnant with her older sister. It worked!


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