Thursday, 5 November 2020

Sci-fi TG Caption: Government Sponsored Wives...


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  1. I ended up deciding to leave her there, but I demanded that she remained untouched, completely untouched, not even allowed to pleasure herself. I thought that this would be an effective revenge against Bruce, now Brenda, for tormenting me for years. Upon seeing her in her wedding dress, I realized that I had been part right & part wrong. Taking her home & breaking her in would have been a massive relief to me as well as knowing I was getting my revenge on now her. But I also realized that by the way she was moving she couldn't wait for us to go on our honeymoon because of how much she had been wanting me. That's when I realized the last part. If she was actually my dream girl now, then she would be extremely submissive to me & would also follow all of my Catholic beliefs as well, like no Birth Control EVER. I now knew what my final revenge would be, I would take 6 months to train her into the final version of the woman I wanted & then make my Baby Factory start producing. The yearly pain of a natural pregnancy & childbirth would be my final revenge on her, & the fact that I would get my dream of a Large Family would just be an incredible bonus. Oh Brenda are you in for a Long & Productive Life.


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