Saturday, 23 January 2021

GIF TG Caption: The Other Changing Room...



  1. He had problems changing in the changing room with other guy. But now its still a problem. But its different, much different. As a girl, he felt a bit excited, because , he as a she is changing in a room. Dozens of half-naked girls.

  2. Or she just doesn't wear a bra because she loves the feeling of her jiggling titties and she loves how all the guys eyes are on stalks because they are staring at her hard nipples poking through her shirt while she's thinking about cock! That's what I do heehee! Also it is so true that in the girls locker room you could strip to your pussy and no one would think twice about it. Also there's this hole in the wall that looks into the guys locker room, and so whenever they are changing for swim-class (which is like the best class cause they give us girls these old see-through two pieces where you can literally see my tits through it) you can see their dicks and see which are best for sucking and which are best for fucking.

  3. Oh, boy, he's going to learn a lot being in that body for two months!


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