Monday, 11 January 2021

Magic TG Caption: "It's Not Fair!"



  1. You used this image before in a caption called ""I Called Shotgun On Her Tits!"

  2. OMG finally some gals who dress right! Remove the bra, make the bottom around the ass and pussy a little bit shorter, show some side-boob and you're pretty much perfect! Plus her tits are about my size too! And make sure you aren't wearing any panties so cocks can slip in easier LOL.

  3. Love this one! Two "girls" who know what they want and are going out to get it!
    I keep going to the mall to find the Spells R Us store but can not seem to find it. If anyone knows where one is or where I can write them to order a potion please let me know! Zoe

  4. I'll tell you what isn't fair.....
    Not being able to BUY that "femme potion". =(
    But I wonder.... would having sex while female, make it permanent ?
    If so, that makes me want the potion even more. *dreaming*

  5. Also you have to show some stomach and back.


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