Saturday, 4 September 2021

GIF TG Caption: Punishment Backfired...


  1. Nicole arrived home to find a blonde bimbo laying naked in her bed. "Who the hell are you?" she shouted while preparing to call 911.

    The blonde giggled and rolled her eyes. "Oh sweetie, it's me Marc, your little spell kind of backfired I guess. it's been so much fun. changing into this sexy little thing."

    "How many women did you have sex with you slimey bast...bitch?"

    "Girl's? None, I did most of this just jerking off then well, rubbing off is a better description I guess once little Marc was gone. it was a lot of fun then it got even better when I met Sam, the door dash delivery driver."

    "Please tell me you never had sex with a guy," Nicole said.

    "I never lie to you honey, but Sam is so cute and he should be here with dinner any minute now. In fact, he doesn't charge me for the food anymore, isn't that sweet of him? I kind of promised him something special tonight if he brought enough for 3."

    "What did you promise him Marc?" Nicole asked, her voice horse and strained.

    Just then a young man entered the bedroom holding an insulated delivery case that smelled of Asian food.

    "Hey Marci, is this Nicki? You're right she is super hot. I hope you like Chinese, shall I put it in the oven to stay warm so we can have our threeway first? I've never had a threeway before." Sam might have been 19 years old, tall, good looking and already aroused.

    Nicole sat down on the bed and shook her head. Marc was now Marci, forever. Sex with a man sealed her fate. She did not look as if she cared though.

    "Honey, what's wrong? I invited Sam to join in our homecoming playtime, I know you want to be involved in any sex I have, I admit I may have slipped up here lately but maybe we can play catch up with Sam here."

    Nicole kicked off her heels and stood up to drop her skirt. One time with Marc..."Marci" and Sam then she would have the two leave her home forever.

  2. serves the witch right, for which she did! lol

  3. This one is just too funny.


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