Monday, 8 November 2021

Explicit TG Caption: Getting Paid To Be Pregnant?

Would you take part in a program like this?
Carla Xxx



  1. It looks as if Ricky is willing to go to extremes to keep his/her wife happy. He found a woman she could experiment with and he wants to try being female as well. But does Ila want a live, warm, hard cock involved as wel? How will Ricky deal with that?

  2. Where can I sign up?

    I would try it at least once - getting to be a real woman, pregnant, performing a service resulting in a loved, wanted baby, and on top of that, getting paid for it!

    If I enjoyed the experience, I would sign up to be a Preggy Peggy for life!

    After I have my first baby, would I be allowed to also be a wet nurse?

  3. I'll definitely take part in those kind of program. Experiencing being a pregnant woman, got paid, plus doctors and midwives are settled? Of course I won't miss such opportunity

  4. This program is my dream come true. I’d make it my lifelong career.


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