Monday, 8 November 2021

Explicit TG Caption: Getting Paid To Be Pregnant?

Would you take part in a program like this?
Carla Xxx



  1. It looks as if Ricky is willing to go to extremes to keep his/her wife happy. He found a woman she could experiment with and he wants to try being female as well. But does Ila want a live, warm, hard cock involved as wel? How will Ricky deal with that?

  2. Where can I sign up?

    I would try it at least once - getting to be a real woman, pregnant, performing a service resulting in a loved, wanted baby, and on top of that, getting paid for it!

    If I enjoyed the experience, I would sign up to be a Preggy Peggy for life!

    After I have my first baby, would I be allowed to also be a wet nurse?

  3. I'll definitely take part in those kind of program. Experiencing being a pregnant woman, got paid, plus doctors and midwives are settled? Of course I won't miss such opportunity

  4. This program is my dream come true. I’d make it my lifelong career.

  5. It wasn't long before Ila reached out to the woman in Ricky's body and invited her over. Ricky was stunned to walk in on Ila and his former body in the middle of a night of passion. Instead of getting angry he joined them. 9 months later, while holding his new baby, he had a decision to make. Evidently, the lawyer, loved being male. She was enjoying the power of her male body and the way she was treated at work and made him an offer. They would stay swapped and she would pay him a million dollars.

  6. Do a second part would love to se how it is going pls


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