Saturday 24 September 2022

TG Caption: The Wrong Designation...



  1. I hope he doesn't rush into anything, and gets a lot of practice in.

  2. A few weeks later, Stephanie was about to leave for a date with Luke. She stepped into the living room and checked her makeup in the mirror next to the front door. She saw her father entering the living room from his bedroom.

    "Hi Dad, is that a new dress? It looks great on you and the shoes are fantastic. I wish we wore the same sizes, I'd love to borrow some of your clothes." The woman she was talking to looked a lot like Stephanie but was about 10 years older.

    "Are you trying to be funny? Stop calling me Dad, it is not appropriate, I'm your "Aunt Mary" now dang it. Can't even cuss anymore. Do you think I enjoy being compelled to dress and act like a "designated mother"? Why the heck did you have to tell them I told you to buy the test answers? If you had just kept your mouth shut none of this would have happened." The entire time Aunt Mary was talking, she was primping her hair and touching up her bright red lipstick.

    "I'm sorry Da.., I mean Aunt Mary, but my new mindset is to protect children and you weren't a very good father figure for boys. I guess it's lucky that I'm the only boy you and mom had. Although she tells me her fiancée is interested in them having children after the wedding and she's still young enough to have another baby. It's a good thing that the injection made you 15 years younger so you have plenty of time to have a few babies of your own." Stephanie said with a smile. Aunt Mary tried to smile but what appeared on her face was a disturbing-looking grimace.

    The doorbell rang and both women looked at the camera monitor, Stephanie sighed and looked at her Aunt Mary.

    "That must be your guy, is he nice? What does he do for a living?"

    "He's a bank manager who is looking for a trophy wife and mother. Lucky me. I know he's a decent man and he will be a god husband but I can't forget all the years of my life as an alpha male and now I can't wait for him to marry me and f.. scr.. sigh, take me to bed and make sweet love to me and make me a mother to be." Aunt Mary opened the door and invited her date in, she introduced her daughter to the man and they left on their date. as they were about to leave, Aunt Mary leaned close to Stephanie and said, "Tell your mother I won't be home tonight...again."

    Stephanie waved goodbye to the couple as the men held her former father's hand while he demurely slide into the passenger seat of the
    expensive luxury car. Just as the car drove off. Luke arrived and the young couple went on their date which ended with Luke proposing and Stephanie accepting.

    As it turned out, Aunt Mary accepted her date's proposal that evening as well and they had a triple ceremony with all of the women of marrying age in Stephanie's house getting married on the same day.

  3. Luke has a 9 inch cock she screamed! Well, she gave the appearance that this repulsed her but secretly she was getting wet with excitement wanting to experiment with it! Zoe

    1. Here's hoping they get together get married and start a family together. She'll keep her figure and become a total MILF of course.

    2. But after having sex with Luke she realized that length and girth did not always equal great sex. She thought his penis was coming out of her mouth and was gaging. Her vagina was being stretched to extremes and couldn't wait for him to pull out of her once pristine pussy. Hell, he couldn't even give her an orgasm and she had to clean the sheets then shower from his cum. Last time with Luke! Zoe

    3. Apparently, Luke was an expert at passing written tests but has performance issues. Funny comment!

  4. Please do more in this universe

  5. Love your work - I go for the shorter caption, self explaining (sex change virus or chemical plant accident) but, you get all these people expanding your narrative. Certainly food for thought, since I have many times thought that the caption would be too lengthy (people have a limited attention span) Love to talk (or text, or email) - my blog is email is - cell would be shared if we hit it off ;)

  6. This is a fascinating concept. I think you should use it more moving forward.

  7. Another favorite! So hot. Serves her right for trying to cheat. But maybe this was going to be her fate no matter what!


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